Hi everybody my name is Addie.........I am not for sale.
I just wanted to say good morning to Mama Linda and Papa Randy, They wanted me to share this email with everybody, Well here go's...

I wanted to let you know how I'm doing at my new home. Our drive home was really long. I got car sick twice so my new mom & dad took a longer way home via freeways to minimize the amount of curves I would be subjected to. It only added about an extra 30 minutes to our trip. We stopped in Turlock to meet my Auntie Arianna. She's really nice and she rolled around on the floor with me and she laughed a lot. I'll be seeing her every Thursday when she comes to the office to work in placerville. She really loves Dachshunds too. It's a lot colder up here , so I potty quickly on the front lawn and go back into the warm house. Oh, and did I tell you, every time I potty they make such a fuss... telling me what a good girl I am and they give me a little doggie treat too. Its like I can do no wrong here, just love, praise and affection, even when I pottie on my moms bed. Yes, I sleep with my mom!
The only thing I'm a little confused about my name though. I thought it was Addie, but they keep calling me "Precious" and  "You are so cute". I guess I'll figure it out. My new home has 3 Dachshund ramps so I have full access to the couches and beds. Its GREAT and they are getting one more ramp soon. My new mama Susan holds me in my new blanket or swaddles me in her sweater and I can hear her heart beat. I LOVE IT !!! My new dad Jim, asked if I was ever going to walk or if my mom was always going to carry me around. I love my new brother Rusty, and he loves me. We play on the floor and the furniture together. It didn't take me long to learn how to use those ramps. I fell off a couple times but I'm getting the hang of it now. I was a little scared at first. Oh I almost forgot to tell you, my new house has a real scarry black mat at the front door. It has a swirly pattern that looks like I'm going to fall into a black hole if I step on it. All I had to do is whimper a bit  and mom figured out my problem quickly. Fortunately, they are fast learners. Well,  I hope my brother and sister that went to Arizona have an equally good home but I suspect mine is the BEST !  In fact, I'm sure of it. I wanted  to take this time to thank you mama Linda & papa Randy  for all the good care you gave me for the first 8 weeks of my life. I'm adjusting well and happy at my new home. They will send photos of me and if you want to check on me feel free to call about me anytime. These people really love me so don't worry about me. Thanks for all the love and care you gave me. I love you both, Addie( Marie ) Dykstra

p.s.  My mom uses the middle name Marie for all her pets when they do something wrong, I'm sure it won't be used often on me if ever !