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Please always check out the pedigrees on any dogs from any Breeders.  There are a lot of BAD Breeders out there so the best way to start is by checking out the papers on all puppies you look at, it dose not mean you have to buy a puppy with papers but it will show you were your puppy came from and if it is out of GOOD Breeding, then check out the Breeder go and look at the parents, there other puppies & dogs and were they keep them. If it seems like they are hiding something then beware. If they say they do not want to show you because you might bring in something that would make their dogs ill then maybe they do not keep up on all their dogs shots like they should. Please check out our outstanding blood lines. Remember there are a lot of pretty puppies out there but what do you end up with when they grow up? Check out the parents & the parents pedigrees for the BEST puppies.    

Remember your next puppy will be a part of your family for Many Years to come.

If you think that our prices are to high then please check out lots and lots of  breeders and what they have to offer in a well breed Dachshund, and you will be back.

SEE YOU SOON.......    

All of our puppies are $1,750.00 as pet . You will sign a contract stating that you will get your puppy spay at 6 months of age.

Starting on Jan.01,2023 all of our puppies will be going up in price to $1,750.00 ea. all colors and coat type are the same.   

So if you are looking for not only some of the most Beautiful Dachshund around but puppies with great pedigrees, and their parents are here to see, or anything else you want to see or talk about you have come to the right place.

Randy & Linda Johnson



2000 Scott Dr.

Maricopa Ca. 93252

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 331

Maricopa Ca. 93252        

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