News about American Kennel Club

A.K.C. Regulations

These puppies are good example of  well taking care of puppies. Look at their Great coats and Healthy  little bodies. And their Happy little faces.

The AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB takes pride in what they do. They expect people who breed dogs to keep good records for the breeding of their dogs and litter records for the puppies. They reserve the right to inspect these records of breeders for the privilege of belonging to the American Kennel Club. They reserve the right to revoke your privilege if they find that you are not following A.K.C. regulations. Therefore you cannot have any A.K.C. paperwork on your dogs if you are not found in full compliance. They also inspect your dogs for idetification, cleanliness and sighns of infestation, neglect, wounds and any weight problems that may be detrimental to the health of the dog.  They check to make sure the dogs are housed adequately, their living conditions are clean, there is absences of odors, that they have fresh air, light and plenty of room for safe exercise.
Many people ask, "Why should I buy a puppy from a Breeder with AKC registered dogs". This is why, you can be sure that if they are inspected and found in all areas of compliance with the regulations of AKC that your puppy, as well as it's parents, have had excellent care.