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Welcome to our website

Please read the page on the left:  A TRUE STORY

We have some Beautiful puppies available right now. They are great for long walks, chasing Rabbits and playing on the beach. They come in a lot more colors they have 4 on the floor, power steering, Cruise control, 3 types of upholstery, Long, Smooth, and Wire and they can run for miles before refueling. So if you want one of our High bred puppies,  Please come in for a test run and talk with our Owner/Manager/Sale's & professional cleanup  person Linda  she will help you find just the right Low Rider that will fit your needs. Please email or call us if you are wanting a well Bred Beautiful Dachshund Baby because we are going to down size, we have a lot of people wanting these new and improved  Dachshunds puppies. So keep watching our web site for up coming litters. 

If you are truly wanting to see some of the Best Dachshund Blood Lines in California you have come to the right place. We have more Champions & Grand Champions in our blood lines than most any Breeders that we know of. So if you are wanting some of the BEST Bred Dachshunds around you have come to the right place. If you do not believe me just come by and see for yourself and please check out their pedigrees most breeders will not post their pedigrees why is that ? You will be Happy you did. And most likely you will not want to leave. We truly LOVE our Dachshund Kids and you will too. So come by for a visit it is not Disneyland but it is as close as you can get. And you do not have to pay to get in, or for parking. So see you soon and drive safe. 😎           

A Dachshund is what I like to call: The BIG GUN that is one who is powerful or influential. Or BIGGIE   that means a very important person or thing in your life. That is what our Dachshunds are to us
BIG GUN BIGGIE'S   they are powerful influential dogs over our life that bring us happiness every day, and when we are holding them the love in their eyes are unforgettable, a lasting set of memories in our minds. Funny how something so small came to be such a BIG part of our life. Like I always say: BIGGEST LITTLE  DOG IN THE WORLD ......

Come and visit us and our  BIG GUN BIGGIE'S anytime when it is safe to do so.


Hi my name is Randy, my wife Linda and I have made this website so that you can share our lives, and our puppies. We live on 20 acres just out side the city of Maricopa in California where our puppies have a lot of room to play and boy do they. We have AKC Pedigree Papers on all of our adult breeding dachshunds. Look at our pictures and leave a message in our guestbook. If you are interested in one of our Babies, Please call or email us. We hope you  enjoy our site, Have fun, stay safe and have a great day....🤩  😎

Plain and simple you have come to the right place, we have some of the BEST Bred Dachshunds in California GUARANTEED.

Please go to info page before you buy a puppy any where. You will be glad you did. Pedigrees are the key to saving a lot of money, and having a great companion for life.
Thanks again...

I am very sorry to let those of you who want one of our Dachshund Babies know that I do not ship!  I would like to thank all of you for your kindness, and taking the time to look at our web page.

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